The Online Portfolio of Michael Jones


Last Days On Mars

Last Days On Mars is a game I am currently working on for my Alternative Game Development Class. I am currently modeling a detailed Spacesuit in Zbrush which I will then retopologize and project the higher res details on to to generating a normal map and textures. I will also be creating the in-game terrain, and whatever else I can.


Steampunk Girl

I modeled this girl in Zbrush for a modeling class I took in Fall 2012.

Vacuum Seal

Vacuum Seal is a game I made in Fall 2012 for my Game Development class. I programmed the engine in HTML5 from scratch and implemented in a 2d shadow rendering system. The level generation code was done by Bennion Archer. Art-wise I drew all the in-game tiles, designed the HUD, and made some of the item pickups. The player and the enemies were done by Brielle Porter. The game can be played using Chrome at



I drew this for the final assignment of my non-major drawing class in Fall 2012


The Memory Thief

I made this film for Film 3500 in the Summer of 2012. It includes a few Visual FX Shots that I did using After Effects and Modo.

Memory Thief from Michael Jones on Vimeo.

Temporal Levity

Temporal Levity from Michael Jones on Vimeo.

This is a short 3d Animated Film I did for my Computer Animation II class in Spring 2012.

I created everything from concept, to modeling to animation. The character Martin was sculpted in Zbrush, then rigged and animated in Maya. I created a complete facial rig system so that I could create any expression I wanted and any mouth shape I needed. The environment was modeled in Google Sketchup and Modo.

This was originally going the be a five minute short animation, unfortunately I did not have enough time in the class to do that, so I ended up just doing a standup comedy routine and had to scrap the second character(The Computer) that I made.

Facial01AlienCloseup01 Boot05
ComputerAI04FilmSnap01 FilmSnap02 MartinClothes MartinFullBody MartinHead ShipInterior ShipInterior02


Metako is a flash game I made for my CS1410 class at the U. I created all the pixel art and did most the programming.
Metako Screen 1
Metako Screen 2
Spritesheet 1
Spritesheet 2

2d Sketches

Just some various 2d paintings and sketches I’ve done.

Older 3d Work

All this work was done by me prior to 2011, either for class or for fun.