The Online Portfolio of Michael Jones


Last Days On Mars Rover

I’ve been working on modeling this manned vehicle for our game.

Last Days On Mars

Last Days On Mars is a game I am currently working on for my Alternative Game Development Class. I am currently modeling a detailed Spacesuit in Zbrush which I will then retopologize and project the higher res details on to to generating a normal map and textures. I will also be creating the in-game terrain, and whatever else I can.


Steampunk Girl

I modeled this girl in Zbrush for a modeling class I took in Fall 2012.

Vacuum Seal

Vacuum Seal is a game I made in Fall 2012 for my Game Development class. I programmed the engine in HTML5 from scratch and implemented in a 2d shadow rendering system. The level generation code was done by Bennion Archer. Art-wise I drew all the in-game tiles, designed the HUD, and made some of the item pickups. The player and the enemies were done by Brielle Porter. The game can be played using Chrome at



I drew this for the final assignment of my non-major drawing class in Fall 2012


The Memory Thief

I made this film for Film 3500 in the Summer of 2012. It includes a few Visual FX Shots that I did using After Effects and Modo.

Memory Thief from Michael Jones on Vimeo.

Temporal Levity

Temporal Levity from Michael Jones on Vimeo.

This is a short 3d Animated Film I did for my Computer Animation II class in Spring 2012.

I created everything from concept, to modeling to animation. The character Martin was sculpted in Zbrush, then rigged and animated in Maya. I created a complete facial rig system so that I could create any expression I wanted and any mouth shape I needed. The environment was modeled in Google Sketchup and Modo.

This was originally going the be a five minute short animation, unfortunately I did not have enough time in the class to do that, so I ended up just doing a standup comedy routine and had to scrap the second character(The Computer) that I made.

Facial01AlienCloseup01 Boot05
ComputerAI04FilmSnap01 FilmSnap02 MartinClothes MartinFullBody MartinHead ShipInterior ShipInterior02