The Online Portfolio of Michael Jones


Vacuum Seal

Vacuum Seal is a game I made in Fall 2012 for my Game Development class. I programmed the engine in HTML5 from scratch and implemented in a 2d shadow rendering system. The level generation code was done by Bennion Archer. Art-wise I drew all the in-game tiles, designed the HUD, and made some of the item pickups. The player and the enemies were done by Brielle Porter. The game can be played using Chrome at



I drew this for the final assignment of my non-major drawing class in Fall 2012



Metako is a flash game I made for my CS1410 class at the U. I created all the pixel art and did most the programming.
Metako Screen 1
Metako Screen 2
Spritesheet 1
Spritesheet 2

2d Sketches

Just some various 2d paintings and sketches I’ve done.