The Online Portfolio of Michael Jones

Temporal Levity

Temporal Levity from Michael Jones on Vimeo.

This is a short 3d Animated Film I did for my Computer Animation II class in Spring 2012.

I created everything from concept, to modeling to animation. The character Martin was sculpted in Zbrush, then rigged and animated in Maya. I created a complete facial rig system so that I could create any expression I wanted and any mouth shape I needed. The environment was modeled in Google Sketchup and Modo.

This was originally going the be a five minute short animation, unfortunately I did not have enough time in the class to do that, so I ended up just doing a standup comedy routine and had to scrap the second character(The Computer) that I made.

Facial01AlienCloseup01 Boot05
ComputerAI04FilmSnap01 FilmSnap02 MartinClothes MartinFullBody MartinHead ShipInterior ShipInterior02

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